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Title Rotating Number Limited Depot Support Asset Photo
FWS-12 39059 Yes FWS-12 , FWS-12
FWS-11 38211 Yes FWS-11 , FWS-11
CR1000 N/A Yes CR1000
F6 Datalogger (CS2 Certified) 39300 Yes F6 Datalogger (CS2 Certified) , CS2 Certification Label , CS2 Certification Label (Display) , CS2 Certification Label (Side)
F6 Datalogger 39229 No F6 Datalogger
FWS-12S Keyway Datalogger 38212 Yes FWS-12S Keyway Datalogger , FWS-12S Keyway Datalogger
FWS-12S Datalogger Standard 38213 Yes FWS-12S Datalogger Standard , FWS-12S Datalogger Standard