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Roles control what a user is allowed to do within the WXx Weather module. Each role consists of a set of tasks. Each user is assigned role(s), which allow the user to perform the tasks that belong to that role. Note that all users, by default, have the UserView role; this was automatically assigned when the user account was created. The table below lists the roles and the tasks available to that role.

UserView View-only user View data for operational stations
View maps of the locations of operational stations
View metadata for operational stations
MaintView Maintenance view-only user Check the current status of the Weather Receiver and the Weather clients
View Summaries
View all metadata fields, including those not available to view-only users
View all stations, including those not available to view-only Weather users
MaintEdit Maintenance user Add a Narrative block
Edit the Annual Maintenance Date
Edit the Aspect
Edit the Climate Zone
Edit the Cover Class
Edit the DCP Firmware
Edit the DCP Program
Edit the Element seasonal and station-specific range-checking values
Edit the Elevation
Edit the Latitude/Longitude
Edit the NWS ID (WIMS Station ID)
Edit the Repair Date
Edit the Route
Edit the Site Description
Edit the Slope
Edit the Solar Rad Constrant
Edit the State and County
Edit the Station Notes
Edit the Subunit
Edit the Tipping Bucket Zeroed Date
Order parts
Request RAWS Asset Report
Submit a post-trip update
RegionEdit Regional coordinator Add/update/edit/delete the Element information
Edit the Alternate Point of Contact
Edit the Element seasonal and station-specific range-checking values
Edit the Event Report Email Address
Edit the Maintenance Standards
Edit the Point of Contact
Edit the Station Purpose
AgencyEdit Agency coordinator Change Status to Deactive (for Active stations only)
Edit the Category
Edit the DCP and Transmitter Model/Manufacturer
Edit the Field Maintenance Agency
Edit the Fund Source
Edit the Maintenance Contract Type
Select if station is visible to WXx Weather end users
Select the clients to which to distribute the data
StatAdmin Station administrator Create a new station description
Create and edit the templates to use as the default for new stations
Delete a station description
Edit the Agency, Region, and Unit
Edit the Baud Rate
Edit the Channel
Edit the DADDS Group
Edit the GOES Satellite
Edit the Install Date
Edit the NESDIS ID
Edit the Name
Edit the Status
Edit the Transmit Frequency and Observation Frequency
Edit the Transmit Method
Edit the Transmit Time (Transmit Hour, Transmit Minute, and Transmit Second)
Edit the Transmit Window Size
LrgsAdmin LRGS administrator Allow or Deny Client access to weather metadata and data
Change LRGS source for Weather Receiver
Pause and resume processing by Weather Receiver
Update network list for Weather Receiver
AppAdmin Application administrator Add/update the DADDS Group information
Submit PDT updates to DADDS
View the internal system information (such as element IDs, station IDs, etc.)