Wildland Fire Management Information (WFMI)

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WFMI Weather Reference Guide and Definitions

This reference guide takes you through the metadata shown on the Station page in the WFMI Weather module. It provides a description of each section and how the metadata is used and updated. 

WFMI User Roles and Tasks

Roles control what a user is allowed to do within the WFMI Weather module. Each role consists of a set of tasks. Each user is assigned role(s), which allow the user to perform the tasks that belong to that role. Note that all users, by default, have the UserView role; this was automatically assigned when the user account was created. The table below lists the roles and the tasks available to that role. 

WFMI Station Event Report Guide

The WFMI Station Event Report is automatically generated every Monday and is emailed by WFMI Weather to the address listed in the RAWS station record "Event Email Address" field. This report is distributed weekly for each station defined in WFMI that logs at least one event in the past week. While some events may be informational such as a change to the station metadata, there are other events that flag errors or problems with a station and may require some type of response from the technician in the field. This handy guide will help decipher the events commonly listed in the report.

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